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Global Macro Risk

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We had another great live webinar with Tim and BK last night. They come from slightly different perspectives as BK is obviously focused on the potential for some systematic risk globally. While Tim isn’t ready quite yet to compare what’s going on now with crises past. While they agree on some things and disagree on others it’s important to take in multiple perspectives for your own trading and investing. Even if you don’t agree with a market opinion, you’re better served if you are aware of it. And that’s just one great aspect of the webinar series. Hearing various opinions in a long form debate, and making your own decisions with all the new information made available.

In case you missed it here’s the link to the recording of the webinar. And below that is a PDF of the visuals used during the call:

Recording: https://global.gotowebinar.com/g2wbroker/recordings.tmpl#registrationLinkDialog


2/22/16 Global Macro Risk – Tim Seymour and Brian Kelly

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Unfinished Business

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Trading & Investing in a Volatile Market

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This is Part 3 of a 3 part Debate on Webinar